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Basco Shower Doors

Basco has been in operation for more than 50 years now and in this time it has earned a reputation as one of the leading shower enclosure manufacturers. It produces a range of fixtures for the bathroom and this includes Basco shower doors. The company produces doors for both separate shower and combined bathtub/shower enclosures. These come in swinging and sliding types to provide homeowners with options for the door that they use for their enclosure.

Basco Frameless Shower Doors

Basco frameless shower doors come in both sliding and swing door types to ensure that a homeowner can find the style they prefer. The frameless sliding doors include seven different models, including the Celesta, Classic, and Steam doors. These come in a variety of sizes, to suit an opening ranging from around 38 to 60 inches wide, and up to around 71 inches in height. The glass styles available for each model provide a few choices to opt for a clear or patterned look. The frameless glass swing doors come in six different styles, with some of these including the Performance and Infinity models. These typically offer sizes up to around 81 inches in height and for widths of around 20 to 36 inches. Again, each of the frameless models offers a choice of glass styles for a homeowner to find a look that suits the décor of their bathroom.

Basco Shower Door Parts

For those that intend to install a Basco door in their enclosure, there are a variety of Basco shower doors parts available. Basco provides an initial service that enables a homeowner to select the parts they want as they go through the design process and this can be done online or with a Basco dealer. The various pieces of hardware available also ensure that there are replacement parts for a Basco door should a homeowner need these at any time. Replacement parts provide a simple way to change the look of a door, as well as repair damage to a door should it occur. The Basco online store offers a variety of parts, such as handles and hinges for swing doors, and tracks and rollers for sliding doors.

Basco Shower Enclosures

Basco shower enclosures come in a variety of styles to suit the needs of customers. Those that choose to use them have a variety of options at their disposal to install an attractive enclosure in their home. Customers can choose from framed and frameless enclosures for either a shower or tub/shower combination and these can be fitted with a sliding or swing door. There are a variety of glass options to choose from also, providing options from a completely clear, transparent finish to more opaque, patterned options, which can provide an enclosure with a little more privacy. Basco offer a custom design service to allow customers to build the exact enclosure they require and this provides an accurate fitting, decorative looking enclosure for a bathroom.

Basco Shower

A Basco shower can be a good choice, with the variety of styles produced in premium materials ensuring that a homeowner gets a high quality fixture for their home. Basco fabricate their shower enclosures based on the requirements of the customer, such that the final enclosure should provide an accurate fit for a bathroom. The company offers innovative products such as the Sta-Kleen track for sliding doors, which helps to prevent the build-up of dirt and works to effectively keep the water in the enclosure. Basco offer enclosures for a separate shower as well as a bathtub/shower enclosure, and the enclosures can be produced in framed and frameless glass. Some of the glass options available range from a clear look to various patterned looks, such as rain, beveled, and etched glass. The shower options available ensure that a homeowner should be able to find an enclosure to suit their needs by looking to Basco.

The service Basco provides ensures that a homeowner can build an enclosure in their property that becomes a centerpiece of their bathroom. The Basco shower doors available for their enclosures are functional and stylish, providing an attractive finished look to an enclosure. This makes Basco a leading company to look to when designing an enclosure for a bathroom.

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