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Bathroom Shower Fixtures

Bathroom shower fixtures can have a major impact on the appearance of a shower enclosure and it is therefore important to take a little care when choosing these. The fixtures can depend on the style of enclosure installed, with common options available ranging from fixed faucets to hand held shower heads.

Tub and Shower Fixtures

Tub/shower enclosures are a common style found in many properties and there are a variety of tub and shower fixtures designed for these. This includes tub and shower faucets, which typically come supplied with a shower head, bathtub faucet and control handles. Common options include one, two, and three handle fixtures, with these including a diverter valve that sends water to the shower head or faucet as required.

Tub/shower faucets are produced in a variety of styles from antique looking to contemporary and come in a few different metals from polished chrome to brushed nickel. Other common tub/shower fixtures include oval rods, with these used to hold a shower curtain in place around a tub to contain the water. The rods come in a variety of metals, making it simple to coordinate these with other fixtures.

Hand Shower Fixtures

Hand shower fixtures provide a more flexible arrangement for showering and can be used in a tub/shower or walk in enclosure. Many tub/shower fixtures come supplied with a faucet or faucets, as well as a hand held shower head attachment. Typically this is set up such that the shower head rests on a cradle just above the faucet. This places it in a convenient location to be used when in the bathtub.

In other cases for both tub/shower and walk in shower enclosures a hand held shower head is set on a metal riser and mounting bracket such that it can be used as a regular shower. However, rather than being fixed permanently in place, the shower head is free to be taken down and use by hand. In both cases the shower head is attached to a flexible hose so that it can easily be moved around when used by hand.

Outdoor Shower Fixture

An outdoor shower fixture can be useful for a few purposes. It provides a simple way to shower for those that have an outdoor swimming pool and can be a fun way to cool off and keep clean in the garden during the hotter summer months. Outdoor fixtures generally come in a couple of different styles. Stand alone fixtures can typically be hooked up to a standard flexible garden hose and these are a portable option, which can be set up wherever required.

Wall mounted fixtures are designed to be fixed permanently in one place and can either be open or have an enclosure built around them. Shower fixtures that are intended for outdoor use generally need to be durable to cope with the effects of weathering, with stainless steel and brass two of the common materials used to produce them. Always check before buying outdoor fixtures that they are rated for outdoor use.

Spot Resist Shower Fixtures

Metal fixtures in the bathroom may sometimes prove difficult to keep in good condition and clean. In many cases handprints, fingerprints and water spots can show up on the metal and this can provide an unsightly look for faucets, shower heads and handles. Spot resistant shower fixtures are designed to help with this. In this style the finish of a metal fixture is treated to make it more resistant to the effects of water spots and fingerprints and this can help it retain a more attractive look. Moen is one of the shower manufacturers that produce this type of finish and they can therefore be a good company to look to for spot resistant fixtures.

Shower Fixture Replacement

With most shower fixtures made of metal, they are typically robust and should provide many years of useful service. However, this is not to say they cannot be damaged and if problems occur, shower fixture replacement can help get a bathroom back looking its best and working efficiently. For minor problems, such as leaking faucets and shower heads, it is usually possible to replace only parts, rather than the whole fixture. This is a more affordable option to consider first.

If this option does not work, however, then replacing the entire fixture may be required. This makes it possible to replace like-for-like with a similar style of fixture, or choose an entirely new look. Replacing shower fixtures is not an overly difficult task to complete, although for those unfamiliar with plumbing it can be best to leave the job to the professionals.

With the variety of bathroom shower fixtures on the market it is generally not an overly difficult task to find a style that compliments the look of a bathroom. Companies that manufacture fixtures include Moen, Kohler and Delta, to name a few, and with a little shopping around most people should find a style that suits their needs and provides an attractive appearance.

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