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Bathroom Shower Stalls

Bathroom shower stalls come in a variety of practical and decorative styles, providing homeowners with a range of choice when it comes to the shower enclosure in their home. No matter a homeowners age, mobility, or design tastes, there are shower stalls to suit, and this ensures that anyone should be able to install one in their home.

Glass Shower Stalls

Glass shower stalls make a good option for a bathroom and there are a number of reasons why this is the case. For a start, glass is hygienic and relatively easy to care for. Glass also helps to maintain an open, spacious feeling in a bathroom by not closing off the shower enclosure from view, and this can be especially useful in smaller bathrooms.

While some glass stalls, such as neo angle or curved quadrant, work in combination with the walls of a bathroom to create the enclosure, others are designed to sit in a more central location, providing a complete glass surround for an enclosure. This can include more unusual shapes, such as round enclosures, to create a more unique look for a bathroom. When considering glass stalls, the options include framed and frameless enclosures, enabling homeowners to select a style that suits their taste.

Prefabricated Shower Stalls

One of the simplest options when it comes to installing a shower enclosure in a bathroom is prefabricated shower stalls. These can come in a one piece style, where the walls and base of the enclosure are molded of a single piece of material, or made up of separate piece, with the individual pieces assembled into the finished enclosure in the bathroom of a home.

Whichever style is selected, prefabricated stalls are typically quick and easy to install and this is one of the main advantages of choosing them. The stalls generally come in a few different materials, with some of the common options including fiberglass and acrylic. They also come in a few standard shapes, and this usually includes styles such as square, neo angle, and rectangular stalls.

Handicap Shower Stalls

Not everyone has the strength and mobility to use a shower standing up, and if this is the case handicap shower stalls are an option to consider. These are typically designed to enable access in a rolling shower chair, such that someone can simply be rolled into and out of the shower to bathe in comfort. They can also include seats and hand grab bars to enable someone to more easily shower. When considering handicap stalls, it is typically best to look to those that are American Disability Act (ADA) compliant. These have typically been checked over and approved as handicap friendly, making them an appropriate choice.

Shower Stall Replacements

Homeowners considering redesigning their bathroom may have to think about shower stall replacements. Typically the simplest option is to replace like with like, and keeping the same shape of stall will generally produce less problems in terms of a redesign. However, it is not overly difficult to opt for a different shape and style, although this may entail more work in rearranging other fixtures and fittings in the bathroom.

Homeowners should consider a prefabricated stall as a replacement in the first instance, as this is typically the most affordable option. However for those that want a style that may better fit the layout of their bathroom, a custom stall replacement is an option to consider. While more expensive, a custom stall can provide a feature fixture for a bathroom that enhances the style of the room.

Shower Stall Bases

Those considering the installation of a shower enclosure in their home need to think about the shower stall bases available. The base chosen will determine the final shape of the enclosure and options available include standard as well as custom shapes. Standard shapes usually include options, such as square, neo angle, curved quadrant, and rectangular. Custom shapes can typically be manufactured to whatever is required to best fit the layout of a bathroom. A variety of materials are used in the manufacture stall bases. Prefabricated options commonly include fiberglass and acrylic, while custom bases can be built in materials, such as concrete, stone, and solid surface material.

For those that enjoy showering on a daily basis, bathroom shower stalls are an option to consider for their home. The variety of designs and sizes available, from a simple prefab stall to a custom design, provide homeowners with a range of options to install an enclosure that fits the style and layout of a bathroom.

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