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Dual Shower Head

A regular shower typically comes with a single shower head, although this is not the only option on the market. A dual shower head provides the luxury of two separate shower heads in an enclosure and there are a few advantages to choosing this style of fixture for the bathroom.

Dual Shower Head Fixture

The two shower heads that come as part of a dual shower head fixture provide a few advantages for those that choose this type of fitting. Two shower heads provide a wider spread of water and this can make for a better and more comfortable showering experience. Generally the shower heads will be adjustable, such that they can be aimed at different parts of the body and this provides a more versatile shower set up.

In some cases both of the shower heads will be fixed in place, although the option of having one fixed shower head and one handheld shower head provides even more flexibility for showering and this makes it an option to consider. For those thinking about a dual head style, options typically include wall mounted shower heads, as well as shower heads mounted on a moveable arm. The latter style provides the shower head with a greater range of movement, allowing the system to be set up in more positions.

Dual Shower Head Arm

For homeowners that like the idea of two shower heads, an option to consider is a dual shower head arm system. In this style the shower heads are mounted on a long adjustable arm that easily moves around to allow the shower heads to be placed in a variety of positions. The advantage of this is that it provides more flexibility in setting up a shower, enabling someone to position the shower heads in a way which is more comfortable for them. While the arm itself is adjustable, the shower heads can also usually be adjusted to suit, allowing the separate shower heads target different areas of the body. The overall effect is a more versatile shower system in the bathroom.

Dual Shower Head Adapter

A dual shower head adapter is a simple fixture that enables a regular single head shower to be easily converted to a dual head system. The adapters typically comprise a short length of metal pipe with a single outlet on one side, which is connected to the existing plumbing in an enclosure, and two outlets on the other side on which two separate shower heads can be fixed. The advantage of choosing an adapter is that the user can then select the style of shower heads they want to fit onto this to create their own custom dual head system. Adapters also typically come in a u-shape for those that prefer this style.

Dual Head Shower Systems

There are plenty of benefits to choosing dual head shower systems that can make them a good idea for an enclosure. The greater coverage of water is something that many people will appreciate and this can make for a more enjoyable shower. Dual head systems usually provide a greater variety of movement in comparison to a fixed wall mounted model and this enables the system to be set up in many more positions such that those using the enclosure can find the best set up to suit their taste.

Those considering a dual head system have a few options available to them, with some of the common models including two heads fixed on a single arm, two separate arms with each having a fixed head, and a separate fixed and handheld shower head. This provides a variety of options for homeowners to find a system that best suits their showering needs.

Dual Arm Shower Head

A dual arm shower head has the shower heads mounted on separate arms and this provides a few advantages for those that choose it. It allows the shower heads to be moved further apart, enabling a wider spread of water for a single person or even two people to shower at one time. While some dual arm systems have the same type of shower head on both arms, there is also the option of using two different types of shower heads. This provides more options for showering, with the user having a choice of one or other of the shower heads or both at the same time and this is an advantage of choosing a dual arm system.

For those that find the performance of a single shower head limiting, a dual shower head system is definitely something to consider for their bathroom. The advantages of greater water coverage, more flexibility of movement, and improved performance will be something they will appreciate. With the various dual head systems available, most people should easily be able to find a style that works for them.

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