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Fiberglass Shower Stalls

Those considering installing a stand-alone shower in their bathroom have a few options in terms of materials. Common options on the market include fiberglass shower stalls and there a number of reasons why this can be a good choice. This ranges from the lightweight nature of the material to its strong, durable properties.

Shower Stall Enclosures

Shower stall enclosures commonly come as prefabricated units, with fiberglass a common material used to produce these. The stalls can come as one-piece units which have walls and base molded as a single unit. For those that can get this type of stall into their bathroom it can be a good choice. Since it is molded in one piece there are no seals and this reduces the chances of leaks. Those that don’t have the access to get a larger one-piece unit into their bathroom can choose a fiberglass stall that comes supplied in separate pieces. These typically connect together relatively easily and as long as the gaps between walls and roof are sealed professionally they provide a solid shower stall that should not leak.

Shower Stall Kits

Shower stall kits typically come in a few styles to suit different purposes. Wall kits typically include three walls and are usually intended to provide a waterproof covering for bathroom walls to create a stall around a bathtub/shower combo. These can come manufactured in fiberglass and provide the benefits that they are typically a little more hygienic, easier to clean, and better resist the build up of mold and mildew in comparison to a tiled finish.

Enclosure kits typically include the pieces to form a separate shower stall. These can include the base, walls and roof required to form the stall. Shower kits are generally one of the more affordable ways to construct a stall in a bathroom. They can also be easier to install, since it is simply a case of building the stall from the prefabricated pieces supplied.

Acrylic Shower Stalls

Acrylic shower stalls are a common option used in the bathroom for the positive benefits that the material provides. These include that it is lightweight, strong, and durable, and this helps to keep acrylic stalls in good condition over the years. It is also an easy material to clean and keep hygienic, which makes care and maintenance of an acrylic stall a relatively simple task.

In many cases, acrylic stalls can come reinforced with fiberglass and this combination enhances the enclosure and makes it stronger. Fiberglass reinforcement helps to reduce the chances of damage and should help to keep the stall in better condition for longer. Acrylic/fiberglass stalls can therefore be worth considering when looking into the best option for a shower enclosure.

Portable Shower Stall

A portable shower stall typically comprises a simple frame, with panels and shower curtains to close it off and contain the water. Portable stalls provide the advantage that they can be set up anywhere in a property for use. Many come supplied with water supply hardware kits and drainage pump to ensure that no matter where the stall is set up, it is possible to get water to it and drained from it.

Portable showers are fairly straightforward to build and can generally be put together and ready for use in 1 to 2 hours. This style of stall can be a useful option for elderly or disabled people, who may have difficulty getting to a bathroom in a property. A portable shower stall can be set up in their room, making it easier for them to bathe and keep clean.

Corner Shower Stall

When looking into the options for installing an enclosure in a bathroom, a corner shower stall is one to consider. Building a shower in a corner area helps to better keep it out of the way and leave more space in the central area of a bathroom. In many cases this can produce a better layout. This is especially the case for smaller bathrooms where space for fitting in a shower stall may be tight.

Options for styles include standard square corner stalls, as well as more decorative neo angle and curved quadrant stalls and fiberglass is a common material used to produce these. The options available provide a variety of choice for a homeowner to find a style that best fits their bathroom layout.

When looking into the options for shower enclosures, it can be worth considering the benefits of fiberglass shower stalls. They are generally an affordable and easy to install option and for these reasons it is a style that many people use for the shower stall in their bathroom.

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