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Grohe Shower

There are plenty of options on the market for those looking to fit out a bathroom enclosure. One to consider is a Grohe shower. These come in a variety of styles from basic models through to full spa-style shower enclosures. This provides a variety of choice, with Grohe manufacturing quality products that will enhance the look of a bathroom and provide years of useful service.

Grohe Shower Systems

Grohe shower systems have been available for a number of years now and the company continues to expand its range. The systems come in a few different styles to suit the design of a bathroom, as well as the needs of the user. One of the top options is the Grohe Ondus AquaFountain Digital Shower System. This comes in silver, black, or white, and has a sleek, modern appearance for those that prefer the contemporary look. The system is controlled by a digital touch panel making the shower easy to operate. This also allows pre-sets to be programmed to enable the user to set up the shower system in the best manner to suit them.

The Grohe Rainshower System combines a rain shower head and adjustable hand held shower for a versatile set-up. The system comes with a pivoting shower arm and 50 inch riser and can be used with an existing exposed valve. Other options include the Grohe Wall Mounted Shower Diverter System. This also combines a fixed and handheld shower head in a single system and is fitted with Grohe technology, such as DreamSpray and CoolTouch. Other systems combine shower heads and body spray nozzles, with some of those to consider including the Aquatower 1000, 2000, and 3000 systems.

Grohe Shower Valves

Grohe shower valves typically come with the rough-in internal equipment separate from the external trim. This provides the opportunity to choose the internal mechanics and external appearance that best suits the user. Options for internal valves include the Grohflex universal valve system. This is suitable for a variety of shower types from basic fixed wall models to bathtub/shower combinations and custom showers. This makes it easier to change the layout of a bathroom without the need to install a new valve.

Other options include the Grohesafe universal pressure balance valve, which comes in models with or without a diverter to suit different installations. In terms of the external trims for valves, these come in a variety of styles, with options available for antique and contemporary appearances. Grohe valve trims are available for shower only and tub/shower combos.

Grohe Hand Held Shower

The Grohe hand held shower models available come in a variety of styles, including those that can be used as a simple accessory to a tub, as well as those for a separate shower. Options typically include buying only the hand shower or buying a hand shower system that comes with the accessories to mount the shower head. Grohe offer a few hand held shower product lines, with these including the Relaxa collection, which includes rustic and ultra style shower heads.

For those that prefer a rain shower head the Icon Hand Shower comes with a stylish appearance in a number of vibrant colors to provide an attractive look for a bathroom. Other hand held shower options include the Euphoria collection and the small, slim-line Eurosmart Cosmopolitan, which includes the Grohe DreamSpray and SpeedClean anti-lime technology.

Grohe shower models encompass the full range of bathing options from simple shower heads to full shower and tub/shower enclosures. This ensures that whatever set-up a homeowner prefers in their bathroom they will be able to find suitable products from Grohe. This makes them a top option to consider when designing a bathroom.

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