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Moen Shower

A number of companies have good reputations for the style and quality of the bathroom fixtures they produce. Moen is one of these and they have been in the business of manufacturing bathroom products since the 1940s. There are a range of Moen shower models available and this variety means that they can be a good company to look to when fitting out a bathroom.

Moen Shower Faucets

Moen shower faucets come in a few different styles to suit the needs of a homeowner depending on the type of enclosure they have in place. This includes faucets for a separate shower, as well as faucets for a bathtub/shower combination enclosure. The faucets available come in walled fixed styles and handheld models. Options range from a simple single faucet to a complete system that includes a variety of shower heads and faucets to provide a spa like experience.

The style of the faucets ranges from the simple traditional look of the oil rubbed bronze Brantford model to the contemporary styling of the 90 degree chrome Moentrol model. However these are only two of the many models that Moen has available and a visit to their website will show many more options. The variety ensures that whatever style a homeowner chooses for their bathroom enclosure, there will be a range of suitable Moen faucets to enhance the look of the enclosure.

Moen Shower Faucet Repair

Moen produces attractive, high quality fixtures and while these should last for a number of years in good condition, accidents and aging can cause problems. For those that need to consider Moen shower faucet repair, the company offers a variety of replacement parts to make repairing a faucet possible. The simplest way to find if a repair or replacement part is available is through the Moen website. They offer a simple service which guides the user through a number of choices to show them if a part is available.

For homeowners that want to undertake repair work themselves, Moen also offers a few repair kits with some of the options including a cartridge repair kit and a solenoid valve repair kit. Obviously the kit required will depend on the type of faucet and this should be checked before buying a kit. there are also locations on the internet that provide simple instructions for those looking to carry out repair work themselves, with some of the websites to look to including Ehow and DIY Plumbing Advice.

Moen Shower Valve

Moen shower valve models most commonly come in one of three options. These include a Standard Valve, Posi-Temp Valve, and Moentrol Valve. These typically come in two pieces, the internal plumbing valve through which the water flows and the trim, which is the external piece that holds the control handles. While the three different internal plumbing valves have some similarities, homeowners need to be aware of the differences before making the choice as to which best suits their needs.

The Moen website provides details of the similarities and differences, which can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section, and this can be a good resource for those interested in using a Moen valve. The trims for the valves come in a variety if styles and materials, to provide a range of choice for homeowners to find a look that matches their bathroom. However the trims are generally not interchangeable between the different internal valve types, and homeowners need to be aware of the type of valve they have before buying a new or replacement valve trim.

Moen Shower Valve Repair

For anyone considering Moen shower valve repair, the first option is to identify the type of valve installed. If unsure of the type the simplest way to find out is to access the Moen Frequently Asked Questions section on their website. The bathroom section has details of how to identify the different types of Moen shower valves to easily find which is installed. For those looking to do repair work themselves, Moen has replacement parts available and their website has a simple parts finder for those looking to check if a replacement piece is available.

Simple repair jobs typically include replacing the internal cartridge or replacing a damage trim and these are tasks that homeowners should be able to do themselves. For more complicated plumbing problems it may be worth calling in a professional to do the repair work and many plumbers have experience with Moen valves. Always check that the professional used does have expereince in Moen valves before contracting them to do the work.

For those in the process of designing the look of their bathroom, a Moen shower can be a good choice. Moen has a range of choice from simple shower heads and faucets to full spa shower systems. This provides a variety of options for homeowners to set up a shower enclosure to suit their needs, as well as install attractive fixtures that become a feature of their bathroom.

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