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Shower Base Pan

Shower enclosures for a bathroom come in a variety of styles, and homeowners typically have the choice of a pre-assembled unit or a custom enclosure. For those that choose a custom enclosure the shower base pan is an important component, as it will largely determine the final shape of the enclosure. The pans come in a variety of shapes, styles, and materials, to suit different bathroom layouts.

Custom Shower Bases

Using custom shower bases has a few advantages. Because they are custom made to the size and layout of a bathroom, it generally means they should provide a better fit and this can result in a more attractive appearance. Choosing a custom base also provides more options in terms of the final shape, and this can result in an individual design that provides a unique appearance for an enclosure. Custom bases come in a wide variety of materials and with a little shopping around homeowners should find options such as solid surface, acrylic, stone, and a variety of other materials to choose from.

Corner Shower Base

Choosing a corner shower base for a bathroom has the advantage that it positions the enclosure in a location that may otherwise be under utilized. Corner bases tend to come in a few standard styles and this includes square bases, as well as curved quadrant and neo angle shapes. This provides a few options for homeowners to find a style that fits in with a bathroom layout and provides an attractive feature. Corner bases also tend to be smaller in size, such that they take up less space. This means that, while they are an option for any size of bathroom, they can be a particularly good choice in smaller bathrooms that have less space available.

Fiberglass Shower Base

Fiberglass has a few advantages that can make it a good choice for a shower pan. A fiberglass shower base is a lightweight option that can work well in many situations, especially on the upper floors of a building where heavier materials may not be as suitable. Fiberglass is also hardwearing and flexible and this means a shower base made of the material should resist damage, such as scratches and cracks, well. A major benefit of choosing fiberglass is that it is typically a more affordable option, and since it can be molded to any shape it is suitable for producing both standard and non-standard style bases.

Cultured Marble Shower Base

Marble is generally considered a luxurious material that will provide a bathroom with a high-class appearance. However the real thing can be heavy and expensive and those that want the look at a more affordable cost can opt for a cultured marble shower base. This is a man-made material, made from fiberglass resin and limestone.

When cast, it produces a realistic marble appearance, and the material is strong, durable and waterproof. This makes it a good choice for a shower base and its attractive appearance should remain in good condition for many years. Cultured marble is also generally produced to be stain resistant and relatively easy to clean. This makes the material easy to care for, as well as helping it retain its attractive appearance over the years.

Concrete Shower Base

Using a concrete shower base has a few advantages. Concrete is a common construction material, making it an affordable choice and it provides a strong, durable base. Since concrete is easily poured, it can typically be built to any shape. This allows the construction of concrete bases in variety of standard and non-standard shapes. While a concrete base can be left uncovered for use, this may not always provide the most attractive of appearances. Using floor tiles on a concrete base is therefore something to consider, and this can provide a more attractive and waterproof finish.

It pays to take some time when considering the shower base pan for a bathroom, as the option selected will have a big say on the final shape and appearance of the enclosure. There are a wide variety of options to choose from, and bases typically come in a range of shapes and materials. This includes standard shapes and custom bases, such that finding a style that suits the layout of a bathroom should not be an overly difficult task.

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