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Shower Bench

Many people prefer to sit in the shower for a number of reasons. Elderly people may find it easer to bathe in this manner, and modern fixtures such as steam enclosures mean that people spend longer in the shower and may prefer to sit for comfort. A shower bench is therefore a useful fixture to have in a bathroom, and these can typically be built into a shower enclosure or come as a separate piece of furniture.

Shower Bench Seats

Shower bench seats come in a variety of styles and materials, providing homeowners with a few different choices. Common options available include free standing benches. This style includes three leg triangular corner benches, four leg benches, and box storage benches. A freestanding bench seat has the advantage that it is not tied to one position and can be moved around as required. Another option is wall mounted bench seats. These sit in one position, and can be a safer option since they are securely attached to a wall and cannot move.

A wall mounted bench can remain fixed in position or can fold down to provide more space when the seat is not in use. A bench can also be built into the shower rather that coming as a separate fixture. For this style a block or concrete bench is fashioned in the enclosure as part of the construction work. Common options for shower bench materials include wood, tiles, and also plastic seats with metal legs.

Folding Shower Bench

A folding shower bench makes a good choice for homeowners that have a smaller shower enclosure, or those that want the bench out of the way when not in use. Options to consider include fold down benches, where the bench sits on a wall mounted frame. When not in use the bench sits flat against the wall, with the frame raised and locked in position to set the bench in position for use.

Another option includes a free standing bench with folding legs. In this style the bench can be folded flat and stored against the shower wall. When required the legs are folded down and the bench set in position for use. The advantage of this style is that the bench can be moved around to different locations as required.

Teak Shower Benches

Teak shower benches have a few advantages that make them worth considering. Teak is a hard, durable wood that should last in good condition for a reasonable length of time. Teak also withstands moisture well, and is an attractive wood that can bring a stylish look to a shower enclosure. Teak benches for showers come in a few styles, with options including small three leg corner benches, which can be a good fit for a smaller bathroom. In a larger enclosure, four leg free standing and wall mounted teak benches are options to consider.

Teak box benches can also make a good choice as they provide storage space as well as somewhere to sit. Options for the surface of a teak bench typically include smooth, milled grooves, or cut-through holes. Those that prefer a more slip resistant surface will likely find the milled groove and cut-through holes option a better choice.

Wood Shower Bench

A wood shower bench provides a natural look for an enclosure, and many people prefer it for this reason. Some of the common woods used include teak, redwood and cedar, with these typically resisting the heat and moisture of a shower well. Wood has the advantage that it can be fashioned into a variety of bench styles, with some of the options including free standing, wall mounted, and storage box style seats. While a smooth surface for the seat is an option, a bench with cut-through holes or grooves helps to makes the surface a little more slip resistant, as well as providing better drainage to remove water from the bench.

Tile Shower Bench

With many shower enclosures using tiles on the wall and floor, it can be a good idea to use a tile shower bench to match in with the overall décor of the enclosure. This style of bench is most commonly built during the construction work for the shower. It generally entails pouring concrete or using concrete blocks to fashion the bench to the desired shape in its final position. As the tiling work for the enclosure is carried out, the bench is included in this. Tile shower benches can make a good choice for those that prefer a coordinated look.

For those that like to bathe in comfort, a shower bench can be a good fixture to have available. There are a few options for this and whether having a preference for a built in or freestanding seat, there are plenty of options for a homeowner to find a bench that suits their needs and matches the décor of their bathroom.

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