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A shower provides a refreshing way to start or end the day and for this reason many people like having one in their bathroom. When looking into installing or upgrading a shower, homeowners need to consider a few features. This includes shower doors, with these coming in a few different styles.

Neo Angle Shower Doors

A corner shower unit provides a good choice for any bathroom, although can fit particularly well in smaller bathrooms. This type of unit uses neo angle shower doors, and this type of door typically comes in a couple of main styles. Framed neo angle doors have a thinner pane of glass set in a frame, and the contrast between glass and frame provides an attractive contemporary look.

For those that prefer a more open look, frameless neo angle doors comprise a thicker pane of glass without the need for a frame. Depending on preference, neo angle shower doors can have transparent glass or a more opaque appearance to provide a little more privacy.

Bi Fold Shower Doors

Bi fold shower doors have the advantage that they do not swing out into the bathroom area when opened. The design of the door typically has a metal or plastic frame with glass inserts, with the frame constructed with a vertical fold positioned in the middle of the door. This allows the door to fold into the shower area to open it, with the bottom and top of the door running along a track.

Since bi fold doors open into the shower they are typically a safer option, removing the chance of a swinging door causing an accident. Opening into the shower also ensures that water dripping from the door stays inside the shower, rather than dripping onto the bathroom floor. Care needs to be taken to keep the track free of dirt, as this has the potential to cause problems with opening and closing a bi fold door.

Steam Shower Doors

Steam shower doors are typically designed to seal tightly in the door frame when closed. This provides the advantage that they contain the steam from hot water inside the shower unit, stopping it from getting into the bathroom and causing condensation problems. Options available typically include standard hinged, swinging steam shower doors, as well as bypass steam shower doors, where the door slides along a track at the top and bottom. Bypass steam shower doors work well in any size of bathroom, although are particularly well suited to smaller bathrooms with less space for a swinging door. Both swinging and bypass steam shower doors typically come in framed or frameless styles.

Folding Shower Doors

Folding shower doors have a similar style to bi fold doors. However, rather than having a single vertical fold, the door has a series of vertical folds allowing it to open into the shower unit. The doors typically have a metal or plastic frame, with this opening and closing along a track at the top and bottom. Other options include trackless folding shower doors, which open and close without the need for a track to guide the door.

Folding doors for a shower typically use rigid glass as inserts in the frame, although some can have rigid or semi-rigid plastic inserts. As with bi fold doors, folding shower doors can prove a safer choice as they open into a shower unit. This means they keep the water in the shower and of the bathroom floor, and remove the danger of a swinging door causing an accident.

Custom Glass Shower Doors

Those that prefer a more unique style should consider the use of custom glass shower doors. These typically enable the customer to choose the style and shape of door they want, which can help match it better to the style of the bathroom. Custom glass shower doors typically come in styles such as framed and frameless, and can have more unusual designs such as curved doors.

Companies that manufacture this style of door typically have their own glass fabrication services to ensure the door complies exactly with the customer’s requirements. Styles available include clear, frosted, patterned, or stained glass custom shower doors.

While personal preference will play a part in the choice of shower doors, the shape and size of a bathroom will also influence the decision. A number of companies, including Basco, Alumax Shower Doors, and Artistcraft Shower Doors, produce the various styles. Retailers such as Lowes and Home Depot also provide customers a choice of a few different styles. With the various options available, most people should find a style that suits their needs and works well in their bathroom.

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