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Shower Stalls and Kits

There are a variety of options open to property owners when it comes to the design of the shower enclosure in their bathroom. A style that many opt for is shower stalls and kits, as these provide a simple way to build an attractive enclosure. The options available range from prefabricated to custom stalls, enabling a homeowner to choose the best style that fits in their bathroom.

Shower Stall Designs

When considering shower stall designs for a bathroom there are a few things to think about. The first is obviously the size and layout of a bathroom as this will have a large bearing on the final design. The dimensions of the stall need to be appropriate for the size of the bathroom, and the location of the stall is something that also needs to be carefully considered. Other factors involved in the design include the shape of the stall, with some of the standard options including square, rectangular, and neo angle.

For those that want something a little different a custom design can provide a more individual style. The design of the stall will also need to consider the material to be used, with options ranging from acrylic to marble. Choosing a prefabricated stall simplifies the design process, although those that want a little more control over the appearance, materials, and fixtures of a stall can opt for a custom design.

Prefab Shower Stalls

A simple idea for installing a shower enclosure involves using prefab shower stalls. These are factory produced and come with all the components required to build an enclosure. Basic stalls will typically come with the base, walls and door included, although many also come with the fixtures and fittings included. This typically means that all a homeowner has to consider is where in their bathroom the stall will sit. Prefab shower stalls typically come in a few standard shapes. This includes square enclosures which can fit in a few different locations, as well as neo angle and curved quadrant designed to fit in a corner location. For those that want to simplify the process of installing a shower enclosure in their home, a prefab stall is an option to consider.

Custom Shower Stalls

Homeowners that want to create a one-of-a-kind style for their bathroom should consider custom shower stalls. These provide a little more freedom in terms of the shape of the enclosure, as well as the fixtures and fittings to use. While this means the design process is a little more involved for a homeowner, it can be worth it for the attractive finished look that is created.

A custom stall should also result in an enclosure that better fits the layout of a bathroom and the overall effect can enhance the style of a bathroom. Custom stalls also usually provide more options in terms of the materials to be used, with options ranging from simpler acrylic to more luxurious marble and granite.

Shower Stalls with a Seat

While most people will generally stand while showering, there are those that prefer to sit. This may be due to physical reasons such as a disability or may be simply that someone wants to shower in a little more comfort. Shower stalls with seats provide the option of sitting while showering. Some prefabricated stalls come with a seat already fitted, although for larger stalls a homeowner has the choice of installing their own wall mounted or freestanding seat. Those that build a custom shower should consider installing a built in seat as part of the work, as this will provide the seat with a coordinated look.

Free Standing Shower Stall

For those that have a larger bathroom with sufficient space, a free standing shower stall can add an attractive touch. While most shower enclosures stand against a wall in a bathroom, a freestanding stall can stand away from the wall in a more central position. It can provide a unique look for a bathroom, and as long as enough room is available around it, the design can work well.

Some of the things to consider for this style include how to get the water and electricity to the stall, although in most cases it should be possible to do this. While commonly used indoors in a bathroom, free standing stalls can also work well outdoors, such as where a shower is needed for a swimming pool.

Homeowners looking for a convenient way to install an enclosure in their bathroom should consider the use of shower stalls and kits. The kits are typically easy to put together and install and if the fixtures and fittings are already included it makes the process of selecting the enclosure for a home easier.

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