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Shower Walls

A shower enclosure typically comprises solid panels used to close of the walls of the bathroom. Those looking to install an enclosure have the choice of a variety of materials for shower walls. Traditional options include tiles, with more modern looking styles including frameless glass panels. The range of choices available provides options for installing an enclosure that best suits the style and décor of a bathroom.

Glass Shower Walls

Installing an enclosure with glass shower walls provides a few advantages for those that choose it. Glass creates an open, more spacious appearance and helps to bring the beauty of a shower interior out into the bathroom. This can enhance the overall look and style of a bathroom. Glass is also a relatively easy material to clean and keep hygienic, making it a good choice for showers.

Those that opt for glass walls have the option of framed or frameless panels, with both typically made of tougher safety glass to reduce the chances of damage or accidents. Frameless glass is generally thicker to provide the wall with the strength it needs to stand without a frame and this can help improve safety. However, the increased thickness makes the glass heavier, which may not be suitable for all bathrooms.

Solid Surface Shower Walls

Solid surface shower walls are typically produced of cast polymer material designed to be waterproof. The material can be used as a covering for bathroom walls and there are a few advantages to choosing it. As a man-made, cast material it can be molded to any shape. This means it can easily be manufactured to a required shape and size to suit a bathroom layout. The material is manufactured such that it is easy to clean and stain resistant, meaning that it should retain its appearance well.

As solid surface material is essentially the same color all the way through the thickness of the wall, any scratches or minor damage will not become obvious and this also helps it retain its looks. Solid surface walls also come in a variety of colors, such that a suitable style can be found for any style of bathroom interior design.

Cultured Marble Shower Walls

Cultured marble shower walls provide the look of a marble finish, but do so at a more affordable cost that using the real thing. Cultured marble is a man-made material that is cast from a mix of limestone and fiberglass resin. It fairly accurately replicates the look of marble but has a few advantages. Since it is a cast material it can be molded to any shape and this means it can be produced to the exact dimensions and shape required for a bathroom.

The finished product is hard wearing and durable, meaning it should remain looking good as it ages. It is also easy to clean and stain resistant, which also helps it keep its appearance well. Cultured marble walls are most commonly used as a waterproof cover to bathroom walls, as opposed to the more traditional tiled look.

Shower Wall Kits

Shower wall kits typically comprise pre-cast units, designed to simply slot in place in a bathroom. In some cases the wall kits can comprise one molded piece, while in others the walls can be separate pieces, designed to connect easily together to install them in a bathroom. The advantage of choosing this style of wall is that it makes installing a shower enclosure a quicker and easier task. The kits typically come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different locations in a bathroom. They are typically produced in composite materials that are hardwearing, durable and easy to care for. Choosing a wall kit can be a simple way to update the look of a bathroom and this makes them worth considering.

How to Tile a Shower Wall

Tiling a shower enclosure is something that many people will be able to do themselves and there are a variety of places to find instructions. Some of the locations on the internet include DIY Network, Do It Yourself, and Life Guides. These websites have step-by-step instructions, which can walk someone through the basic requirements of tiling a wall from start to finish. They also typically provide details of the materials and tools needed to carry out the job and achieve a professional looking finish. For anyone that wants to tile a shower enclosure themselves, the guides will help them complete the work.

Taking some time to consider the various shower walls for constructing an enclosure ensures that a style can be selected that matches the appearance and layout of a bathroom. There are a variety of options to choose from, with each having their advantages, and this helps ensure that property owners can find a style that best suits their needs.

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