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Steam Showers

Steam showers provide a homeowner with the benefits of a steam room in combination with a conventional shower. They typically comprise an enclosed unit in which steam is produced to provide a sauna-like experience, with the advantage that the users can take a shower to cool down a little before leaving the enclosure. This style of shower has become more popular in recent times and a number of manufacturers now produce them.

Steam Shower Doors

Steam shower doors differ from conventional shower doors, in that they need to completely seal the enclosure when closed to stop the steam produced from escaping into the bathroom. Escaped steam has the potential to cause condensation problems, which can affect the paint, wallpaper, wood, and drywall in a bathroom. Doors for steam showers most commonly comprise standard hinged doors or bypass doors, which glide along a track to open and close. Glass doors tend to be the most common option, and homeowners can typically choose from framed or frameless styles.

Steam Shower Generator

A steam shower generator is the piece of equipment that vaporizes the water to produce the steam. Most models typically comprise a few different components. These typically include the box that produces the steam, which is installed inside the shower enclosure, a control panel which is used to operate the generator and is placed on a wall in the bathroom, and a steam head which is installed in a wall inside the enclosure and releases the steam. Steam shower generators typically come in a range of sizes and power ratings to suit different sizes of enclosures.

Steam Shower Enclosures

Steam shower enclosures come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the maker. Typically manufacturers of this type of bathroom equipment supply them as a single unit with all the parts required for installation, and both free standing and corner fitting enclosures are available. Common options include walk-in units in which the user stands in the enclosure during use.

Larger units can be fitted with seats or benches, which allow the users to sit, and this can provide a more relaxing way to enjoy the experience. Steam shower enclosures can provide a few health benefits to those that use them, with some of the benefits claimed by manufactures including improved blood circulation, stimulation of the immune system, and treatment of respiratory problems.

Steam Shower Sauna

A steam shower sauna enables a homeowner to create a spa-like experience in the comfort of their own home. This style of unit is typically larger in size and has seats inside to enable users to relax in the steam. Depending on the size of the unit they can usually accommodate from one to four people. The steam remains contained in the unit during use and turning on the shower before leaving condenses any remaining steam and helps it to dissipate. This ensures that when the door is opened steam does not escape into the bathroom and cause problems.

Steam Shower Installation

It is typically best to have a trained professional deal with steam shower installation, and manufacturers of this type of bathroom equipment can usually provide the manpower to install a unit in a customer’s bathroom. Things to consider for installation include the location of the steam head. As this piece of equipment releases the steam into the enclosure it can get hot and needs to be placed in a location where it is unlikely to be blocked or touched.

This typically means keeping it away from benches and seats. The steam generator should also be placed in a location away from seats as it can also get hot, and it is best to ensure it has at least 12 inches of open space around it to let the heat dissipate. It is generally best to have the generator and steam head as close together as possible for optimum performance.

A number of manufacturers produce steam showers these days, with some of the companies doing so including Di Vapor, Leodana, and Thermasol. For the health and relaxation benefits that they provide, installing a steam shower in a bathroom can be a good choice. Homeowners get the benefit of a spa experience with a conventional shower, making them a luxurious choice for a bathroom.

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