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Walk In Shower Designs

For those that have the space available in a bathroom, a walk in shower provides a convenient fixture that makes showering a little easier and more comfortable. Without the need to step over the side of a tub, it can also make it a safer option and walk in shower designs provide a few options for property owners. This includes variations in style, shape, and size to provide options for walk in showers in any bathroom.

Walk In Shower Plans

Having a look at a range of walk in shower plans get the process of installing this type of fixture in a bathroom started. Being able to see the plan of a shower enclosure layout can help determine whether it will be suitable to fit into a bathroom. Look for plans that have dimensions as this greatly helps to ensure that the enclosure chosen will provide a good fit. Many manufacturers will have plans of their enclosure layouts and it is usually sensible to ask for these as a starting to point to finding a suitable enclosure.

For those looking to create their own plan for a custom walk in shower, try to keep this flexible throughout the design process. This helps to ensure that the size, shape, fixtures and fittings of the shower can be amended along the way if required, and this should result in a better finish. It can be sensible to listen to the guidance of a manufacturer in terms of a shower plan, as they have the experience of fitting showers and will have a good idea of what will and will not work.

Walk In Shower Dimensions

Walk in shower dimensions need to be of a size that can accommodate the fixtures and fittings and leave enough space for someone to comfortably shower. Generally the smallest suitable dimensions are considered to be around 36 inches square. This provides enough room for a basic walk in enclosure that has enough elbow room to shower relatively comfortable without feeling boxed in.

From this small size, the dimensions can essentially increase to whatever is appropriate for the size of a bathroom. Larger dimensions obviously provide a more comfortable setting, as well as more space to fit in additional fixtures such as seats, benches, corner poles and shelves. A larger enclosure can therefore provide a more practical and comfortable space, and anyone considering installing a walk in shower should think about constructing the largest size of enclosure that works in a bathroom layout.

Custom Walk In Showers

For those that want a more individual look for their bathroom, custom walk in showers are an option to consider. A number of manufacturers provide shower design services and searching a local directory should provide a few options. The companies can typically install an enclosure designed to the exact requirements of the customer. This provides more options to have a walk in enclosure that better fits the layout of a bathroom in terms of size, shape and materials and this can provide a more professional and attractive finish. A custom walk in shower will likely be more expensive, but for the benefits it provides it is an option to consider.

Walk In Shower Kits

Walk in shower kits provide a simple way to buy and install this style of fixture in a bathroom. Basic kits typically come supplied with the enclosure base, walls and door and more comprehensive kits can also have shower fixtures and fittings included. Choosing a kit can be a more convenient way of installing a walk in shower.

As many kits have all the fixtures and fittings included, there is less time involved in finding these in comparison to trying to find the various pieces individually. The kits are also relatively straightforward to build making the process of installing a walk in shower quicker. Walk in kits can also be a more affordable option than buying the individual fixtures and fittings separately.

Walk In Shower Stalls

Walk in shower stalls provide a contained space for a shower only and come in a few different styles. The most common option is a glass stall, which provides a bathroom with a clean, contemporary look. However, other materials can include fiberglass, acrylic and even wood for a more natural look.

While some stalls have a door to close them off and contain the water, in other cases a shower curtain can be used for this purpose. Smaller stalls can typically be fitted in a corner location, with options including standard square and curved quadrant models. For larger stalls a custom design can be used and this provides a more individual look for a bathroom.

Walk in shower designs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to provide a range of options for homeowners. Walk in showers give a bathroom a modern appearance and for the convenience that they provide they are a style of fixture worth considering when designing a new or remodeling an existing bathroom.

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